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Walkman hoodie/ Felpa per il walkman

Durante un noioso pomeriggio piovoso ho realizzato questa simpatica felpa per il mio walkman. Ho preso ispirazione da questo pattern che è per l'uncinetto tunisino. In pratica io l'ho tradotto in un pattern per uncinetto tradizionale e ho aggiunto qualche piccolo particolare.

During a boring rainy sunday I created this funny hoodie for my walkman. I took my inspirsation from this pattern which is for tunisian crochet. I translated in into a traditional crochet pattern, making few changes.

Crochet hook 5 mm

13 ch turn
Starting from third stitch from hook, 11 hdc,2 ch turn
11 hdc, 2 ch turn (11 times)

Begin working the left neck side
3 hdc, 2ch, turn
1 hdc, inc, 1 hdc, 2 ch, turn
2 hdc, inc, 1 hdc, 2 ch, turn
2 hdc, inc, 2 hdc.
Tie off yarn.

Attach the yarn to the right side and work the same pattern you used for the left side:
3 hdc, 2ch, turn
1 hdc, inc, 1 hdc, 2 ch, turn
2 hdc, inc, 1 hdc, 2 ch, turn
2 hdc, inc, 2 hdc, 2 ch, turn
Work hdc across the right side and then continue through the left one (12 sc), 2ch, turn

11 hdc, 2ch, turn (8 times)
Tie off yarn.

ch 18
hdc in second ch from hook and till the last ch, ch 2, turn
hdc in each sc, ch 2, ch 2, turn (5 times)
7 hdc, dec, 7 hdc, ch 2, turn
6 hdc, dec, 7 hdc
Tie off.

ch 9
sc in second sc from hook and till the last sc, 1 ch, turn
sc in each sc, 1 ch, turn
dec, 4 sc, dec, 1 ch, turn
dec, 2 sc, dec
Tie off.

Now you should have these three pieces:
Walkman hoodie

To make the hoodie, fold the rectangle in two, sew one side together and then sew the other side to the neck opening.

Walkman hoodie

Sew the pocket to the body and then close all the sides of the body leaving some holes for the headphones and the usb cable.

Walkman hoodie

Add the final decorations. I sewed the sentence "let the music play" and a little symbol with white yarn. Then I added two little laces near the hoodie.

Walkman hoodie

Walkman hoodie

If you create something with my patterns, I'd like very much to see it. If you want you could send me the image link via comment, I'd be very glad!

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