lunedì 8 marzo 2010


Doraemon il Gatto spaziale!

Doraemon the robotic cat!

If you need the english pattern e-mail me, Ican't post it here.

Pattern here

Doraemon amigurumi

Doraemon amigurumi

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Amigurumi Cat ha detto...

The doraemon is so adorable that I also want to make one. However, I do not read Spanish and the web translator is not working too well. Is it possible for you to translate a few instruction lines into English for me?
They are: Head R9 and R10, Arm R8 and Leg R1.
Thank you very much.

Giulia ha detto...

excuse me, I didn't read your message until now. If you send me a mail with the request I could send you the things you wanna know in english. My mail is I'm waiting for your e-mail :)

Amigurumi Cat ha detto...

I have sent you an email last week. Not sure if you have got it. I'll resend today again. Thank you.

Giulia ha detto...

Replied! :)

Anonimo ha detto...

I would love the pattern in English if not I can have my spanish friend translate it. Thank you!

Ivy ha detto...

I would like to have the pattern in English,
pls send me a e-mail
Thank you very much!

Samm ha detto...

oh, would love the english version. please send to


Lernni ha detto...

Hi I love your doraemon! Can you please send me an english version also? Thanks =]

Anonimo ha detto...

i love your doraemon and want to try to make it. would you please send me an english version?

thank u so much

Kelly ha detto...

Ha detto....

My email is Can you send me the doraemon pattern? Thanks a lot and I love your doraemon pattern ^^

iniminimainimo ha detto...

Ciao Giulia, è carinissimo il tuo doraemon. Dove hai trovato il campanellino da mettere al collare? Mi sembra una cosa un po' difficile da trovare in giro!

Regina ha detto...

I was looking so hard for the pattern. Thanks so much for sharing this, I really appreciate this a lot. Can I have a copy of English version too? My email address is

Glittergirl ha detto...

I love your Doraemon
so much!!! May I please have a copy of the pattern in English? Thank you so much!!!

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